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AMC Tech Tips: ESCWA in Enterprise Server 6.0

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In a previous post we introduced ESCWA, the new Enterprise Server Common Web Administration interface. For those unfamiliar with ESCWA, it is the new, strategic UI for the configuration and management of rehosted mainframe applications. It replaces and extends the previous mix of user interfaces required. . The 6.0 release of Enterprise Server, scheduled for June, includes an updated version of ESCWA that has considerable additional functionality when compared to the current 5.0 release. Apart from extended scale-out support (which will be covered separately in a future post), here are some of our favourite new features:

Complete ESMAC UI functionality

ESCWA now provides the user the same functionality as the Enterprise Server Monitor and Control (ESMAC) user interface (UI). This includes all the CICS resources such as TranClass and the CICS Web Services resources. This brings a modern look and feel to these pages and removes the need to use the legacy interface. To reach them, select a started CICS-enabled region under a Directory Server from the left-hand tree of the Native view, and click the Resources option from the CICS drop-down.





Another benefit of using the ESCWA GUI over the legacy interface is the live validation and inline help which makes it quicker and easier to edit resources, ensuring you can be confident that they are correct.




Other pages have also been improved as they have been updated in ESCWA. For example, the Historical Statistics Facility has gained a table view alongside the charts. This allows for sorting and filtering of the collected data making it easier to find what you need to know.



Directory Server Configuration

Directory Servers can now be configured through the ESCWA UI. Simply select the Directory Server you want to administer from the tree on the left when the Native tab is selected. You can then choose the item to configure from the menus at the top of the screen. This includes setting up Transport Layer Security (TLS) and restricting access to your Directory Servers and regions, making it easier than ever to have a secure deployment of Enterprise Server.



Improved Region Control

Starting a region in ESCWA now gives you a lot more information. It tracks the console messages and checks the status of the region to give you a better picture of how close the region is to starting up completely, what functionality is available, and highlighting any issues that may have occurred.



Native Categories

At the request of users, we have added customization options to allow regions and Directory Servers to be more distinct from each other so they can be distinguished at a glance. You can now assign colours to them which display in the tree and their configuration page background. Use this to highlight and categorise your regions and Directory Servers to your requirements.




These are only some of the new and exciting features introduced with ESCWA for Enterprise Server 6.0. Check the ESCWA documentation to find out more.

Please let us know what your favourite new feature is, or what you would like to see added next!


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