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Application Modernization & Connectivity Newsletter: December

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

 As 12 months we will never forget ends, ensuring the next year is one to remember really matters. If 2020 has triggered your application modernization journey, then understanding the digital transformation roadmap is important. We have multiple assets to point the way.

Endless Modernization Begins Today

Findings from the recent Standish Group’s Chaos Report, ‘Endless Modernization: How Infinite FLOW Keeps Software Fresh’ proved the ‘infinite flow’ model of incremental, continuous improvement superior to other approaches in terms of return of value, customer satisfaction, sustainable innovation and longer application lifespans. The data supports this webinar, blog and customer-focused eBook. The download includes a copy of the report.

Example? From the report: 

  •  - 41% only managed a low or very low ROI on rip and replace.
  • - Modernizers enjoy a 71 percent success rate, versus a 1 percent failure rate; that’s treble the success rate for rip and replace.

Upcoming Live Webinars

  • Tech Tip: Inventory and Analysis for Host and Mainframe Systems on January 14, 2021 – Register.
  • Integrating host systems with modern security frameworks on January 28, 2021Register here.
  • COBOL Applications: Roadmap to the Future on Tuesday, February 2 – Register here.
  • Automating Cross-Platform CI/CD for Mainframe Driven Apps on February 10, 2021 – Register.

And your chance to catch up with some 2020’s best AMC webinars:

  • Shaping the Future of Mainframes Business Applications View here.
  • How it Fits: Connecting New Tech Trends to the MainframeView here.
  • #COBOL60: Then, Now, and Next View here.
  • Visual COBOL 6.0 Launch and Enterprise Suite 6.0 Launch. View here.
  • TechTips: Access & Integrate Mainframe Data with RPA via terminal emulation – View here.

Best of 2020: Virtual Events

As #DevDay pivoted platforms from in-person to online, our COBOL and mainframe developers still enjoyed a day of shared technical learning. See every recording here:

  • Discover Micro Focus and Application Modernization See how modernizing organizations adapt to a new IT landscape, seize fresh opportunities, and deliver greater business value.
  • Infrastructure Modernization Learn how new scalable architectures support fit for purpose dev, test, and production workload deployment to mainframe, distributed or cloud.
  • Process Modernization: Take a new approach. Adopt modern IDEs and practices such as agile and DevOps for faster, more frequent, delivery across COBOL and mainframe systems.

Top of the blogs: Best of 2020

  •  2020 Report Card: COBOL (still) Rocks by Derek Britton. Read here.
  • Is a robot a threat to your mainframe? By Alison Job. Read here.
  • Plotting your DX strategy in the new normal by Derek Britton. Read here.
  • Moving Terminal Emulation to the Cloud? Stay Safe by Que Mangus. Read here.
  • Amazing Grace Hopper – HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Derek Britton. Read here.

 New Customer Success

We helped Banco Guayaquil move 13,000 banking applications to Micro Focus Enterprise Server, uniting past, current, and future technologies. The bank has new flexibility to seize new opportunities while realizing new value from technology investments. Read more here.



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