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Business Transformed – Your Universe Awaits!

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

Set course for … Micro Focus Universe 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Micro Focus’ premier customer and partner event – Micro Focus Universe - is back for 2021! Make time in the week of March 22nd, and join us online at our showcase global event.

As you would expect, Micro Focus Universe 2021 is going to be fully virtual, building on the success of our fabulous 2020 edition. In fact, this will be our fourth year running the Micro Focus Universe event format, and we are delighted to see the attendance and feedback just gets better and better.

We hope you can join us in March!

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 All Things Modernization at the AMC track

For our COBOL and Mainframe community, we are thrilled to announce the return of our very popular Application Modernization and Connectivity (AMC) Track. We are excited to be able to offer this comprehensive set of sessions for our AMC community.  Prior year AMC tracks were very popular, so be sure to secure your spot soon.

We will be exploring the vital role of core business systems operating within an ever changing and digital world, including a deeper dive into the Micro Focus modernization story, major product line capabilities, customer use cases, plus a few guest appearances.

More information will be unveiled closer to the event, but we will already building out a range of sessions in the following areas:

Strategic Modernization

  • Where innovative modernization enables DX and faster business change
  • Best practices for scalable, strategic application modernization 
  • Global research results and a new approach and methodology for modernization

Featured product areas: Enterprise, Visual COBOL and ChangeMan ZMF lines

Mainframe Access and Security

  • The rationale for secure mainframe access, automation and innovation
  • A closer look at modern mainframe connection and protection strategies

Featured product areas: Verastream, Host Access for the Cloud, Host Asset Analyzer, Reflections

Additionally, you can also expect the ever-popular track keynote and “what’s coming” sessions from our product leaders

  • New strategies for application modernization within a digital age
  • Technology demos and roadmaps for our Application Modernization and Mainframe Access and Security Solutions



Get ready for roadmap previews, dazzling demos, guest speakers, as well as market trends and product insights in our immersive track—all designed with our COBOL and Mainframe customers and supporting partners in mind.

Find out more and register now at the Universe 2021 landing page.

Build on Strength - transform your business.

Global research shows over 70% of organizations prefer modernization to other alternatives in enabling faster, business change.  At Micro Focus, our unique vision for modernization ensures our customers have the flexibility and choice to build the IT strategy best aligned to achieving their business goals—and our industry leading modernization tech makes that happen.  

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