Core Business Systems Value Unlocked at Micro Focus Universe

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity


As an IT professional, supporting mission critical business systems, now it is highly likely you have just wrapped up a great week at Micro Focus Universe.  Whether you have just started your digital transformation journey, been working to revamp your IT strategy for a while or have multi-years’ experience in delivering successful DX projects, Micro Focus Universe is your go-to venue and resource.  This past year has been challenging for many and has highlighted new obstacles for business, IT and their customers.  For organizations with COBOL and Mainframe based systems, the need to act in response to digital transformation is urgent and necessary.  Here is a short recap of the Application Modernization (AMC) Track content we covered this past week and a view into the valuable resources available to support your success along this digital transformation journey.  Here’s a quick recap….

Driving Digital Transformation

The AMC track began with a closer look at the Micro Focus Modernization story delivered by Neil Fowler and Derek Britton.  As highlighted in this session, it is no surprise that most organizations have accelerated their DX plans in response to both the global health crisis, but also because of increased competitive and market pressure. In fact, over 83% of IT organizations, according to Universe guest speakers, PWC, anticipate an increase in technology spend in order to support new digital transformation activity. “What’s clear is that decisions made today”, according to Neil Fowler, Global Vice President and General Manager for the Application Modernization and Connectivity Business, “will directly impact an organization’s future success in the marketplace.  Organizations must find the right balance between cost, risk and speed to market in order to both Run and Transform their business.”  That proven path to Faster Innovation is through modernization.  Recent research show that over 70% of organizations prefer modernization including the re-use of core business applications to a re-write or replacement strategy.  The Micro Focus modernization story delivers just that – a comprehensive but flexible approach to core business transformation across Application, Process and Infrastructure domains.  Said another way, it is the What, How and Where of modernization, supported by over 40 years of technology experience and proven customer successWatch the AMC Plenary replay here.

A New Pace and Plan for Modernization

The AMC track continued with a closer look at why digital change is so urgent now within the session titled Why Digital Change is Driving New Strategies for Application Modernization.  Recent global events have reminded us that transformation is no longer an optional activity; but rather a business imperative for survival. Deciding to act and taking action, however, are often two different things.  The backdrop for many enterprises is a complex IT estate where any form of change is likely complex, costly and in many ways, confusing.  What’s needed is a smarter approach—one that delivers a solid but adaptive plan for modernization, flexible to meet changing business requirements and evolving customer demand.  Ed Airey at Micro Focus and Jim Johnson at the Standish Group explore the concept of “Infinite FLOW” and why this approach to continuous modernization delivers better business outcomes with lower risk.  The importance of culture, diversity, teamwork and open communication are pivotal within Infinite FLOW.  With a greater focus on quality outcomes and less on bureaucratic project management structures, IT delivery is optimized, streamlined and faster—all elements that together yield a greater return for the business and the consumer.  Watch the full replay.

Digital Transformation in Action

AMC Universe delivered many great customer examples of DX in action.  We first heard how FIS, a global financial services leader, re-architected their multi-decade COBOL application (INVEST-ONERegistered) to support new technologies including containerization and cloud deployment. Chuck Wainscott, Product Development Architect at FIS, shared how this new solution’s flexibility and modular (JET) architecture has delivered higher performance, an improved customer experience and a future proof IT strategy.     

We then heard from Ankur Katiyar, Service Delivery Manager, at DXC Technologies and his plans to transform the Life and Policy Management systems for key customers. One such application offering highlighted was the VANTAGE-ONERegistered system and recent advancements leveraging new elastic compute capability, containerization orchestration, and cloud deployment.  Ankur also discussed how new modern tools from Micro Focus enabled developers to streamline application development, deployment, the use of open source projects and shift-left testing to deliver new functionality, faster. DXC’s CTO, Arun Sharma, then shared further insights into the HoganRegistered and CelerityRegistered banking applications including how these mainframe application offerings transformed through modernization in order to adapt to increased consumer demand and scalability requirements using the AWS cloud platform.   

Following DXC, we heard from Filip Van Gorp, Enterprise Architect at SDWorx--a leading HR solutions provider--who shared how they were undergoing a current transformation project to support mainframe modernization.  They had many drivers for business change including the standardization of the application delivery process, integration with new technologies such as DB2 and GIT as well as accelerating time to market for new customer functionality.   

We then got a short preview of the interview with Joseba Maruri, Director of Technology and Analytics at Laboral Kutxa—a progressive Spanish banking firm.  This video revealed their modernization story including how re-deploying mainframe workload to new platforms has enabled greater flexibility and IT efficiency as well as a new strategy for attracting the next generation of talent to the organization. Watch the full replay of these DX success stories.

Modernization Made Easy with Micro Focus AMC Solutions

The AMC Universe track concluded with a look at the common modernization use cases across COBOL, Enterprise, Mainframe ADLMandHost Connectivity solution areas led by the Micro Focus product group.  Key session insights included new capability within the upcoming (v7.0) releases of Visual COBOL and Enterprise Suite including new Database support within Enterprise Server and the integration of VS Code for both Enterprise Developer and Visual COBOL products.  The session concluded with an All-Star cast of product experts convening to address top questions from the audience, plus a preview into a new and soon to arrive Visual COBOL book.  This is a ‘must see’ session for any Micro Focus AMC technology customer!  Watch the full replay.

Start Your DX Journey

So, lots to offer from last week’s Universe event.  For those tackling IT transformation challenges, Micro Focus delivers market leading expertise and proven innovation to support your DX journey.  Taking that next step is also simpler than you may think.  Supported by its Modernization Maturity Model, Micro Focus delivers a flexible application assessment process designed to identify, map and deliver the right mix of technology solutions to meet your modernization needs.  We bring together your application and business teams with our modernization experts.  We examine business and technical drivers, along with both current and future architectures and needed skillsets.  The result is a comprehensive modernization solution tailored to your unique business needs and future IT application strategy.  Talk to us and learn more about this exciting DX offering from Micro Focus.  And don’ forget – you can catch up on all on-demand modernization content from last week’s Universe event here -