#DevDay 2021: We are back!

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As a precursor to the annual Micro Focus #DevDay event program, Paula Barker, North America Field Marketing Manager, explains what it is and what it means to its hundreds of fans.

 If I had to wrap up #DevDay in a sentence, I would call it a flagship occasion uniting COBOL and mainframe application developers across the world.  #DevDay is a Micro Focus global event series that is delivered locally by the regional tech teams.  Depending on the current state of the COVID pandemic, some regions may host F2F events in 2021 while others will remain virtual.  Keep up with the #DevDay global schedule here.

In North America, the team is going virtual again with everything online.  We plan every #DevDay technical workshop and live hands-on demo to enable developers with the insights that address IT and industry demands. Our agenda is for IT leaders looking for disruption-free transformation of COBOL and mainframe-based host applications.

Why Attend #DevDay?

#DevDay is built for COBOL and mainframe application developers that work in small/medium business, large enterprise organizations and the federal, state and local government sectors. Each developer has the same vision in mind, to transform business-critical systems while avoiding unwanted risk and added cost in the pursuit towards digital transformation.  

Here’s a snippet of what you will learn. 

  • A smarter strategy for digital transformation
  • COBOL and Mainframe application modernization
  • New demos of the latest 7.0 tech supporting application, process, and infrastructure modernization
  • Questions answered at our very popular "Ask the Experts" discussion panel

 Magnificent Seven

The launch of two key solutions, Micro Focus Visual COBOL and Enterprise 7.0, is great news for application owners, CTOs and developers alike. Get ahead of #DevDay by attending the exciting product launch webinars.  Then join the technical team at #DevDay for a more in-depth view of the demos and see the latest tech supporting application modernization. 

 Innovation in Modernization

Many customers are spearheading their digital transformation through application modernization programs that add new and exciting innovation to time-proven and reliable core systems. #DevDay kickstarts the modernization journey by addressing the three key pillars of application, process, and infrastructure, with the lowest cost and risk.  

So, if rapid and low-risk application modernization is the destination, the Micro Focus solution creates the path, and #DevDay 2021 is where it begins.

Where do I sign up? 

The North America team is offering two different #DevDay virtual event opportunities for two key audiences.  


  • August 10-11
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm ET
  • Designed for COBOL and mainframe applications developers in small/medium business or large enterprise organizations
  • Register Here

#DevDay GOV

  • August 17-18
  • 1:00pm-4:00pm ET
  • Designed for COBOL and mainframe application developers in Federal, State and Local Government sectors.
  • Register Here

Visit the #DevDay global events calendar to keep up with activities coming to your city/town.  

New to #DevDay? View the #DevDay Infographic to get the facts on this must-attend event for developers!

Test your knowledge

On the final day of each virtual event in North America, we will host a live #DevDay trivia happy hour. This is an opportunity to test your mainframe and COBOL programming skills in a fun, relaxing format with prizes for those on the leaderboard, except for government developers – you know the drill, no prizes – but the chance to earn bragging rights for at least a year!

Invite a colleague! 

So come along, and share these details with your development teams, enterprise architects, application owners, and application operation/production teams.  See you there!


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