Did You Know? Your AMC Update for Summer 2021

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‘Did You Know’ what’s hotter than July? Your latest edition of the Application Modernization & Connectivity Newsletter! There’s a bunch of red hot stuff to get through this month, including updates on our most transformational tooling. We also have news on two key virtual events, an analyst update and all the blogs and webinars you will ever need. AMC: We’re cooking with gas. 

Magnificent 7: Product Update News

Guys - major COBOL development product news. We compiled the key assets for both the Visual COBOL 7.0 and Enterprise Suite 7.0 product launches on this dedicated content page. Check it out!

Why? So, our enterprise customers, and Java developers working with COBOL, better understand the value our tools bring to application, process, and infrastructure modernization.

Current customers - upgrade to Visual COBOL 7.0 or Enterprise Suite 7.0 whenever you’re ready. Contact us anytime.

Misty Decker’s new on the AMC team. Get her ‘hot take’ on the 7.0 product releases here.

We have also put all the ‘Magnificent 7’ readables in a single clickthrough.

Product Resources

Read this: New Visual COBOL Book

Paul Kelly’s book, Visual COBOL: New Application Modernization Tools for the Java Developer has been fully updated to include the latest innovations, and explains how other technologies can modernize COBOL applications. And don’t miss this new interview blog with Paul himself.

Download the book here

Bonus Virtual #DevDay 2021

Two #DevDays mean even more bases covered by our dedicated, dev-friendly day. So, even if you’re grappling with a government project, when you are crafting COBOL we have the content for your context.   

  • Virtual #DevDay 2021: #DevDay is fully digital and totally global. A virtual event, with real benefits for developers. Our agenda – and the best technical experts out there – will tackle your IT and industry challenges with insights and live technical demonstrations.
    • August 10-11 #DevDay for small/medium and enterprise biz devs. Register here.
    • August 17-18 #DevDay GOV for Fed, State and Local Government devs. Register here.

 Welcome to Webinar World! 

Webinars – like lectures, but more approachable, interactive, and fun. They are also laser-focused on specific AMC issues and get right to the root of your business tech challenge. Don’t forget that signing up means getting a download link so if you miss the live event, you don’t miss the content. 

  • TechTip: Secure, Zero-Footprint Host Access: July 28 @ 11 a.m. EDT. Register here.
  • Meet the Women of COBOL: August 25 @ 11 a.m. EDT. Register here.
  • Modernizing Code Older Than You Are: One Student’s Journey - September 8 @ 11 a.m. EDT. Register here.
  • On Demand: TechTip: Access and Integrate Mainframe Data with RPA. View here.
  • On Demand: Extend 10.4 New Modernization tools for ACUCOBOL developers. View here

Customer Case Study

Nothing succeeds like success, so read how Astadia and Micro Focus Visual COBOL deliver close to 90% cost savings and establish Azure-based foundation for interoperability, efficiency, and increased innovation – and then get some of that sweet success for yourself.

Read the story here.

Feeling SUNNY? Join us at SHARE!

SHARE online means stress- and travel-free access to our best AMC content. So, visit the Micro Focus Application Modernization & Connectivity team at our virtual booth from August 9–13. Session highlights include Meet the Women of COBOL’, ‘Don’t Say the M-Word – How to talk about Mainframes’, and ‘How a student modernized a legacy banking application.’ 

Sound good? Check out the full agenda here, and register here.

That’s it for today. See you in August. In the meantime, don’t forget to see what’s new on our AMC home page.


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