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COBOL Needs YOU! Take the Survey

Quantifying the use of COBOL worldwide matters. So, we have commissioned Vanson Bourne, global research and industry analysts, to measure enterprise usage through the Capturing COBOL in 2021 survey. Help us by taking the survey.

  • Your feedback will help us create better products and solutions for you. It’s that simple.
  • It takes around 10 minutes, participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw consent at any time.

We invest millions of research & development dollars creating software innovations that solve real world customer problems. With your help, enterprise applications written in COBOL that run on distributed, mainframe and cloud platforms will continue to evolve and grow.

Take the Capturing Cobol Survey now

Vanson Bourne adheres to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and takes protecting your personal data and privacy seriously. Our servers are UK-based.

Change Management Masterclass: September 28 & 29

Managing change is never easy, and factoring in the high volumes of changes for complex, massive release management processes is now a major business challenge.

ChangeMan ZMF easily integrates with your current DevOps toolchain to enhance your automated processes and artifact management. But your solution is only as effective as the skills at your disposal. 

So register today for The Change Management Masterclass. The agenda includes learning everything you need to understand and use REST support, and discover what RESTful APIs and ChangeMan ZMF events (Webooks) are available.

Register today

Visual COBOL: The Latest

Don’t miss any of the latest and greatest news from the COBOL world:

  • NEW webinar! Meet the Women of COBOL: August 25, 2021 @ 11 a.m. Today, women continue to have a large share in the future of COBOL and COBOL applications. Join our panel of women leading the charge to learn how they are modernizing COBOL applications, building the next generation of COBOL programmers and countering misinformation about COBOL. Register here.
  • Paul Kelly’s book, Visual COBOL: New Application Modernization Tools for the Java Developer has been fully updated to include the latest innovations, and explains how other technologies can modernize COBOL applications. Download the book here.
  • Have you joined our COBOL Programmers Facebook group yet? Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with COBOL developers from all around the world. Join the group here. 

 Customer Case Study: Lab Logistics Group GmbH

Read how Lab Logistics Group GmbH, the central organization of a cooperative of 33 privately owned laboratory dealers in Europe, Asia, and Australia, used Micro Focus Verastream Host Integrator to accommodate modern integration and access to a legacy ERP system while eliminating paperwork, minimizing data-entry, and streamlining processes. 

Read how Lab Logistics Group GmbH integrated and modernized.

 Upcoming Webinar Schedule 

  • Meet the Women of COBOL: August 25, 11:00 a.m. EDT. Register here.
  • Modernizing Code Older Than You Are: One Student’s Journey - September 8, 11:00 a.m. EDT. Register here.
  • On Demand: TechTip: Secure, Zero-Footprint Host Access. View here.
  • On Demand: Visual COBOL 7.0 Product Launch – The Next Chapter. View here.
  • On Demand: Enterprise Suite 7.0 Product Launch – Innovation in Modernization. View here.

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Wondering what #hashtags and Twitter handles are most associated with #COBOL?

As this word cloud shows, the Micro Focus team is leading the conversation:

Join us on Twitter here: @MicroFocusCDMS and LinkedIn here: @MicroFocus

What is COBOL? Micro Focus Knows!

Many of you know we introduced our information page What is COBOL to help those learning about it for the first time. Our page now ranks as #1 in the Google ranking for that search – and is at the top of page 1 when you search “what is COBOL”. Micro Focus is a popular, trusted source of truth. Smiles all around!


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