Digital Transformation @ SHARE: Officially A Thing

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

 The SHARE Virtual Experience runs August 9-13, 2021. SHARE and Big Iron remain at the hub of mainframers’ IT universe, so what are the highlights this year? Paula Barker, Micro Focus Field Marketing Manager gives us the scoop. 

Micro Focus is a Star Partner because we recognize the value SHARE brings to the IBM mainframe user community. But why should you join us for this virtual conference? 

SHARE is the place to understand and address the key enterprise IT topics, such as application modernization and delivery, mainframe security and DevOps.

The SHARE Virtual Experience 2021

Everything is online, so it is easy to upskill and advance your technical knowledge from wherever you happen to be. Because we are used to the challenges of a virtual event, the 2021 SHARE conference is made for the enterprise IT professional.

Competing in a digital world can mean transforming core, often COBOL-based business applications to support future innovation and SHARE showcases the enabling technology that increases organizational efficiencies. 

Such as?

Rapid, low-risk incremental enterprise application modernization demands enterprise-scale tools. The technical solution sessions at SHARE could really help. Our educational sessions on mainframe application modernization, plus access and security, are new for 2021. The dedicated Micro Focus session plan is below.

Live Session

Do You Really Understand Mainframe Modernization?

August 11 @ 12:45 pm (CT)

What does modernization mean for mainframes? Is it a migration thing, or does it require rewriting COBOL applications in Java?  Modernization is not a single thing, so this session will:

  • Explain how to re-think digital change for IBM Z applications.
  • Share research into the effectiveness of various techniques.
  • Explore jump-starting your journey by leveraging best practices, technology and choosing the right modernization path.

Want a sneak peek?

Join us for a preview on August 2-6 for SHARE Virtual Experience on demand week for additional presentations. Micro Focus will deliver sessions on the following topics:  

  • Access & Integrate Mainframe Data with RPA
  • Why the Mainframe Needs Modernized Connection and Protection
  • DevOps: Continuous application delivery from mainframe to cloud

But wait…there is more!

Check out these other sessions from the Micro Focus team. 

  • August 9 - Meet the Women of COBOL
  • August 11 - Avoid Unconscious Bias to Become a Better Professional
  • August 13 - SHH! Don’t Say the M-Word; How to talk about Mainframes
  • August 13 - How a student modernized a legacy banking application 

Join us @ SHARE

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Ready to modernize?

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