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Join the Application Modernization & Connectivity team at Micro Focus Universe 2022

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Micro Focus Universe, our premier customer event of the year, taking place March 23-24. Virtual for 2022, the benefits for our Application Modernization and Connectivity (AMC) customers are real. 

Hundreds have registered to see the latest market trends, innovations, and customer stories. We’ve rounded up the AMC sessions below—browse the keynote, breakout, and live studio sessions to find what you’re looking for to run and transform your organization. Take a look and be sure to book your spot at Universe here. 

Day 1 

Track Keynote—AMC: Provide Value at Each Step of the Journey

In this AMC track keynote, Neil Fowler, Micro Focus Senior VP and General Manager will share the latest on mainframe modernization, COBOL development, mainframe access and security, as well as ecosystem investments enabling new opportunities for application modernization in the cloud. 

Kill It with Fire: Manage Aging Computer Systems (and Future Proof Modern Ones)

Join us for an exclusive interview with author, Marianne Bellotti as we explore modernization lessons learned from the front lines. Examine how the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model strikes the right balance for application modernization success by enabling maximum choice and flexibility for mission-critical applications.  

Application Modernization: Take your Applications on a Modernization Journey

Join us for this session as we explore the end-to-end journey of application modernization, including how the latest Micro Focus tools, methodologies and best practices can accelerate application transformation, knowledge transfer and developer skills. 

Process Modernization: A New Approach to Application Delivery 

In this session, we’ll explore how a flexible application delivery process supports your larger modernization journey.  You’ll learn how modern development processes and Micro Focus technology work together, and alongside your existing IT estate, to deliver faster time to market and greater customer value. 

Day 2 

Process Modernization: Growing Skills for Modernization to the Cloud 

Join us for this session as we explore how the latest application analysis and development tools enable new insights for mainframe and COBOL modernization to the cloud. Learn how the latest in process modernization tools and techniques, including the new service delivery offerings from Micro Focus, enable a rapid ROI for application modernization projects. 

Application Modernization: A Fast Path to Higher Productivity with Modernization & Automation

Join us for a session in which we look at potential solutions. For example, API-enabling mainframe and COBOL applications, accessed via RESTful based services, instantly transform proprietary systems into reusable business components. Accessible by multiple systems across the enterprise, they pave the way to automation—and that means better efficiency and faster customer service. We will also look at how application modernization tools and techniques can simplify code development and maintenance, assist with application understanding, and automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity. 

Application Modernization: Extending the Mainframe to Adapt Modern Tooling 

Join us for this session as we explore how today’s development tools can be integrated with mainframe. Learn how the latest plugins help integrate non-traditional mainframe developers to your ChangeMan ZMF delivery stream. 

Application Modernization: When is the Best Time to Upgrade? 

Join us for this session as we explore how the latest ChangeMan ZMF roadmap can help you better navigate when the best time is to upgrade. What is planned for the current 8.2 release and what does 8.3 look like? 

Infrastructure Modernization: Build a Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Modernization Strategy

Join us for this session as we discuss how, with the right approach, your multi-cloud strategy designed for mainframe applications can deliver greater value, accelerate time to market and improve application resiliency. 

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