Mainframes at AWS re:Invent

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Updated 11/30 with new sessions related to the launch of the new AWS Mainframe Modernization Service.

More about Micro Focus's role in this new service:  Modernization and AWS | Micro Focus

A closer look at what it actually is:  Mainframe Modernization has gone Mainstream: Modernizing Mainframe Workloads with AWS and Micro Focus | Micro Focus Blog

It’s true. I’m a mainframer and I’m going to one of the biggest cloud computing conferences around. During a pandemic. At the busiest time of year.


It’s no longer a question of mainframes OR cloud. It’s a question of how mainframes and cloud can work together, leveraging the strengths of each. I’ll be exploring this topic with my friend Gary Evans December 9th in our TechChannel webinar:  Collaborating, not Colliding. The New World of Mainframes and Cloud.

Examples of Mainframes and Cloud:

  • Cloud for development and test of applications that will be deployed to Mainframe
  • Cloud services for the front-end and mainframe applications for the back-end
  • Access the mainframe securely using modern host access in the cloud
  • Move the application, essentially unchanged, to cloud


Join me!

I’ll be there all week, talking about mainframes and cloud as well as seeing what everyone else in the Mainframe Modernization space is doing. I hope you’ll join me in exploring why mainframes are suddenly such a hot topic at a cloud conference.  If you want to just get together and chat, or meet with one of our technical experts, message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I’ll hook you up!

Here's my personal list of key mainframe re:Invent sessions, workshops, customer/partner stories:

The most important one to attend is of course, our session.  Tuesday Nov 30 at 11:45 am:  Micro Focus - The real story of moving mainframe applications to AWS

For Virtual Attendees

  • Micro Focus Virtual Booth includes content about Mainframe Modernization, Cyber Resilience, Application Delivery, Monitoring and Analytics.
  • Neil Fowler and Stuart McGill interview on TheCube for a quick conversation about Mainframe Modernization.
  • Follow @MicroFocusCDMS on Twitter for highlights and announcements.
  • Check our virtual booth on Monday, December 6th for the video replay of the Micro Focus Breakout Session.

Monday Nov 29

  • 10:45 am Breakout Session ENT221: Atos - A pragmatic guide to modernizing your mainframe
  • 11:30 am Breakout Session FSI207: Itaú: Upgrading platforms to transform the customer experience

Tuesday Nov 30

  • 8:30 am Keynote: Adam Selipsky shares the top announcements of the week
  • 11:45 am Our Breakout Session!! ENT222:  Micro Focus - The real story of moving mainframe applications to AWS

Wednesday Dec 1

  • 9:15 am {New Launch Session from AWS}  ENT230:  Executing a large-scale migration & modernization
  • 1:00 pm Astadia’s CEO, Scott Silk’s fireside chat with Bill Platt, General Manager at AWS Cloud
  • 3:15 pm Breakout Session FSI309 - Discover Financial Services: Payments mainframe to cloud platform
  • 2:30 pm Breakout Session ENT220 - Deloitte - Tennessee DHS: Transforming their CA Gen mainframe system to Java on AWS
  • 4:00 pm Breakout Session ENT232: DXC - Tales from the trenches: Using cloud to modernize IT
  • 2:30 pm ENT308 - Workshop - Mainframe migration of a COBOL application to AWS – Blu Age
  • 7:45 pm ENT315 - Workshop - Reduce costs by migrating mainframe batch jobs to AWS – Micro Focus

Thursday Dec 2

  • 1:45 pm {New Launch Session from AWS}  ENT231:  Introducing AWS Mainframe Modernization service


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