Micro Focus announces new developer tools for Visual Studio 2017

by in Application Modernization & Connectivity

On April 4th, Micro Focus announced its Visual COBOL solution now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. For over 50 years, the enterprise has continued to rely on COBOL applications to drive competitive advantage and deliver critical business services. As the pace of business change accelerates, fueled by the digital economy, Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017 enables IT teams to align existing COBOL systems with the future business strategy.

Micro Focus Visual COBOL enables software developers to build and modernize COBOL applications alongside Microsoft .NET languages, including C# and VB.NET, while taking advantage of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 to connect COBOL applications to new technologies, including Windows 10, .NET and the Azure cloud. Through a seamless development experience, Visual COBOL for Visual Studio enables DevOps teams to move faster and deliver more functionality, while re-using valuable application logic and data.