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Micro Focus Application Intelligence tools now on Azure!

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These are exciting times for COBOL and mainframe developers and analysts. We, at the Micro Focus COBOL development and mainframe solutions product group are happy to announce the availability of our leading products on the Azure marketplace.

In this blog, I’ll talk about the availability of our application intelligence tools, Enterprise Analyzer (for mainframe COBOL) and COBOL Analyzer (for COBOL on distributed infrastrucures) on the Azure marketplace.

Our application intelligence tools provide one of the most comprehensive analysis, visualization and intelligence solutions for COBOL and mainframe applications in the market.

Some of the key capabilities are:

  • Visualize and analyze mainframe and distributed applications
  • Vast number of technologies including all COBOL dialects, PL/I, Natural, RPG, DDL, schedulers and more supported
  • Complete support for Micro Focus COBOL applications on distributed platforms
  • Dead and redundant code detection
  • Business Rules identification
  • Code slicing allows creation of reusable components out of existing code (AMC #TechTips Refactoring blog this way)
  • Automatic creation of up to date and always current application documentation and schematics
  • Full, application wide impact analysis allows tracking data across the application
  • Change analysis highlights affected code by a pending change

The Azure offering allow you to easily provision a machine, pre-installed with the latest versions of our products and pre-loaded with a sample application for you to evaluate the product with.

The machine also includes tutorials and on-demand courses to explore the different capabilities and how these would help you with maintaining and modernizing of your application.

Setup is quick and easy:

COBOL Analyzer
Enterprise Analyzer

First steps

Download the Trial Walkthrough Guide

Download the Trial Walkthrough Guide

Get Your Trial Key

Try COBOL Analyzer on Azure for 30 days

Try Enterprise Analyzer on Azure for 30 days

Provision your Product in Azure

Create your COBOL Analyzer image in Azure now

Create your Enterprise Analyzer image in Azure now

Connect to your Azure Image

Enjoy Your Cloud Trial

Enjoy Your Cloud Trial


Note that the products on Azure will not allow loading and analyzing of new code, only the sample applications that are already pre-loaded. If you have your own license of the analyzer products or if you purchase one, you’ll be able to activate analysis of your application code as well on the Azure machine.

I also invite you to watch this YouTube playlist of short videos that demonstrate COBOL Analyzer and read this blog about some of the analyzer products highlights. Additional information about the products can be found on the COBOL Analyzer and Enterprise Analyzer product pages.

Once you got access to the machine with the product, you can use our training materials in order to become familiar with the product and its capabilities:

  • For COBOL Analyzer, just go to the training materials which are publicly available in our community site
  • For Enterprise Analyzer, we have a free on demand course online

Note: If you don’t already have a login to our on demand courses, you’ll need to create one by clicking on Login button and then Create an account:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our community sites and we’ll be happy to help:

  • Enterprise Analyzer Community
  • COBOL Analyzer Community

Also, feel free to connect with me directly via email or LinkedIn


Guy Sofer

Product Manager – Application Intelligence Tools



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