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Micro Focus at GSE UK!

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We'll be at the GSE UK November 1-3 and we hope to see you there!  Put your racing skills to the test to win some very cool Jaguar TCS Racing gear.  Meet with your friendly Micro Focus team to learn about how we can help your mainframe applications become their best selves with the least cost and the least risk.  Join us for any of our 5 (count them, five) sessions featuring Misty Decker and Derek Britton.

Unconscious Bias Affects Technologies as Well as People

Tuesday, 1st November, 14:00 - 15:00

Have you ever heard “There’s nothing new in mainframe” or “COBOL is a dead-end career path”? These statements are examples of unconscious bias against technologies. Long studied in social situations, researchers know much about unconscious bias. But can we take the lessons of dealing with bias in the realms of diversity and inclusion and apply them to the bias against mainframe technologies? In this session, we’ll explore where unconscious bias comes from, how we can counter the negative effects of it and attempt to apply those lessons to both our personal relationships and mainframe technologies.

What does ‘Mainframe Modernization’ really mean? - GSE101

Tuesday, 1st November, 15:15 - 16:15

The phrase 'Modernization' has been used frequently in the last year, but do you really understand what Modernization means when it comes to Mainframes?  Does it mean moving off of the mainframe or rewriting COBOL applications in Java?  Modernization means many things to many people and differs based on the requirements and the desired outcome.

Shh! Don't Say the M-Words; How to Talk About Mainframes and Modernization

Wednesday, 2nd November, 13:45 - 14:45

To the non-mainframer, the word "Mainframe" comes with lots of assumptions, usually not complimentary. That other M-word, "Modernization", is too often assumed to mean "getting off the mainframe". In this session, we'll explore the words "Mainframe" and "Modernization". Misty Decker has many years of experience convincing the naysayers that mainframes are amazing and helping them understand modernization in context of leveraging their existing environment. She will show you how you can avoid confusion and arm you with the words to convince anyone, including your management, that their mainframe should be an integral part of their modernization strategy.

Finding Modernization Common Ground

Thursday, 3rd November, 11:45 - 12:45

Has your organization announced a "Cloud Strategy" or a "Replace the Mainframe" strategy and called it their "Modernization Project"? Ideally, modernization is more about meeting business needs than about the technology. But too often, modernization plans are made at the top levels of the organization with little or no input from the mainframe teams. By partnering across the organization, you can personally drive a better modernization strategy from the practitioner level. In this session, you will learn a step-by-step strategy for changing the conversation and ensuring the mainframe is fully included in your organization's modernization strategy.

Mentors Wanted: The Role of White Males in Improving Diversity and Inclusion

Thursday, 3rd November, 10:15 - 11:15

Does it seem as though white males are often relegated to the sidelines of diversity efforts? It's unclear what role they can play in improving the diversity and inclusion of their organizations. When it comes to mentors, most people tend to connect with someone like them. But white males can provide very valuable advice and support for women and people of color, if delivered appropriately. In this session, Misty Decker (mentee) and Derek Britton (mentor) will share lessons learned from their mentor/mentee relationship and help you learn how to explore a similar partnership in ensuring diverse talent grows and succeeds.


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