Micro Focus launches a new book for COBOL, .NET and Java developers

by in Application Modernization & Connectivity


Micro Focus is delighted to announce the availability of a new book - Visual COBOL: A Developer’s Guide to Modern COBOL. Designed for Java, .NET and COBOL developers, this new resource offers over 300 pages of technical content and code samples along with access to a free student developer license. 

Start a new era of innovation, powered by modern tools that bridge COBOL systems to the world of Java and .NET.

Key features include:

  • A real-world example to illustrate key concepts
  • An explanation of .NET and Java object models for the COBOL developer
  • An introduction to COBOL for the Java or .NET developer
  • A complete reference to the new syntax for Visual COBOL
  • A free student development tools license integrated within Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Download your free eBook at microfocus.com. Also check out this new book on Amazon.