Now is the time to modernize, Enterprise Suite 7.0 is here to help

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

Have you noticed it too?  People talking about COBOL?  I’ve seen it on social media and in tech magazines.  The topic really took off when the New Jersey Governor said COBOL was the reason the state struggle to process unemployment claims at the beginning of the pandemic.  At first the discussion was around how COBOL represented a systemic risk to the country but then as tech writers learned more, the conversation evolved to focus on modernizing the applications rather than changing the programming language.

 I realized the conversation was getting serious when Jelena Williams, Chair of the FDIC, said that the one thing she most wants to fix in the U.S. financial systems was legacy systems.  Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by a congressman’s aide asking for my perspective on modernization.  Micro Focus, as a recognized leader in modernization, has been engaged with more clients, even bigger projects and a growing list of partners.  It seems everyone in IT is finally talking about modernization.

Why?  The last year and a half have demonstrated to businesses large and small what really matters.


Companies have needed to pivot dramatically, putting significant pressure on their employees to do their same job but with different tools (ie. Working from home) or do something completely new they hadn’t been expected to do (ie. Rewrite the unemployment applications).  The stress at work combined with the stress at home has resulted in a very large percentage of the workforce either actively looking for a new job or seriously considering it.  Employers now need to urgently enable employees to work more efficiently, with the tools they’re already comfortable with while simultaneously bringing on new employees and integrating them into their existing teams.  Fortunately, our Enterprise Suite 7.0 release includes additional support for diverse teams and faster onboarding.


The unemployment system at the State of New Jersey (among others) demonstrated how important it is for applications to be able to scale up dynamically to handle unexpected demands.  The pandemic also demonstrated the need for scaling down when demand drops, otherwise you’re paying for unused system resources at a time when you can least afford wasted costs.  Enterprise Suite enables mainframe applications to run in the cloud which provides additional options instead of or in addition to on premises hardware.  Enterprise Suite 7.0 has expanded those scaling capabilities.


2020 was not just the year of the pandemic, it was also the year of ransomware and cyber risks.  While the news was full of cyber attacks on oil pipelines, water treatment facilities and local governments, one cyber attack took the interest of IT developers everywhere.  The Solar Winds attack used the company’s own patch deployment process to infect hundreds of companies with a “back door” allowing cyber criminals to gain access to a wide variety of companies’ internal data.  Every IT development team immediately checked their SW development process to make sure they were secure.  We’re delighted that Enterprise Suite 7.0 and our integration with Micro Focus security products expands on the secure development options we provide to our customers. 

The Right Release at the Right Time

The Enterprise Suite of products have long enabled Skills, Scale and Security we have learned so thoroughly are important.  With the release of Enterprise Suite 7.0, those capabilities have been expanded in some important ways.

The release will be available July 30th, but we have planned a series of blogs to help you explore and prepare.  Each week, we will focus on a different topic of Skills, Scale and Secure, giving you more details about how Enterprise Suite can help you modernize your core IT applications and meet the challenges of the future.

You’ll find the rest of the blogs in this series posted to the Micro Focus Community website and announced on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. 

To learn more about Enterprise Suite, check out our website.

To learn more about Release 7.0, you can watch our webinar.


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