The Strategic Mainframe Modernization Executive Forum - a wrap!

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

An outstanding turnout of customers taking the opportunity to hear from Micro Focus experts and discuss their challenges at an event dedicated to resolving them.  The attendee mix had representation from the States of Alaska, Connecticut and New Jersey, local government and multiple enterprise accounts.

This event was a virtual platform for the Micro Focus business application modernization and digital transformation message. The challenges of meeting the drive to increased efficiencies, accelerated delivery and improved infrastructure strengthened a packed agenda, specifically curated for US and Canadian customers.

The Opening Address

The event began with Neil Fowler, Micro Focus GM of Application Modernization & Connectivity, mapping out the company strategy and sharing the future vision for core applications. Our solution is a broad and non-prescriptive approach that starts with the customer’s own situation.  The drive towards digital requires a smarter strategy for transformation.  A strategy that enables adaptability to change while managing cost and risk, but based on the customer’s unique present situation and future goals.  To do that, our approach focuses on three key dimensions of modernization – application, process and infrastructure.  Or said another way….the what, the how and the where of modernization.

The What – namely the Application itself

The How – The software delivery process

The Where – the underlying infrastructure


Typically, while one lens might be a major focus, often times all 3 will be impacted as there is a clear relationship in many cases. The specific manifestation of a modernization project will, of course, vary widely based on the objectives and current and future desired state. But through our very wide range of tech, we support a range of common use cases.

IDC review the mainframe trends in digital transformation

IDC Analyst Peter Rutten offered a market perspective, sharing research findings with regard to mainframe modernization.  IDC offered a look at the new mandates for businesses to become “digital” and what that means in 2021.  This section of the agenda presented a set of useful data for assessing the challenges with cost, security and performance when considering modernizing the mainframe for a successful business strategy. 

Modernization Customer Use Cases

Nothing beats watching customers winning, so Bob Ellsworth, Director of Mainframe Transformation at Microsoft, gave the audience a view into three modernization use cases. 

This session provided a mix of examples from a credit card processing company, breweries industry and state department of criminal justice.  Although all three examples were different, each had common goals to achieve increased application agility while driving cost savings in their organization.  This was successful across the board through collaboration with Micro Focus, Microsoft and a seasoned industry systems integrator.   

Mainframe in the cloud roundtable

We moved from the inside track to the roundtable as Stuart McGill, Micro Focus Global CTO of Application Modernization and Connectivity, led a discussion focusing on ‘Mainframe in the Cloud’. This final piece of the agenda included all of the speakers returning as panelists and a special guest from Accenture’s mainframe subject matter expert, Joel Rosenberger.  This lineup provided divergent views from a well-rounded set of industry professionals to give insights and thought leadership into the possibilities to consider related to this topic.   


It’s a wrap!

It was because of the fantastic groundwork of the Micro Focus executive briefing crew that host of the day, Jeff Delisio, could link the events delivered so flawlessly by Micro Focus, IDC and participating partners.

Don’t take our word for it, read a few comments from the attendees:

         'Thank you, really appreciated Peter and Bobs points of view.'

          'Thank you all. Enjoyed the session, learned many things.'

          'Music at break was good   Don't stop believing by Journey - very appropriate!'

As souvenirs of a great day just past, and a link to the future they face with renewed confidence, we sent every attendee links to resources we mentioned throughout, including The Standish Report and eBook, and our own Modernization Maturity Model brochure.

Ready to start your modernization journey?  Begin here. 


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