Visual COBOL 7.0 Now Available

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Micro Focus is pleased to announce the general availability of Visual COBOL 7.0, the latest release of its market leading solution for application development, deployment, and modernization of COBOL applications running on distributed platforms.  

Key Themes for Visual COBOL 7.0 

Continuing to Set the Benchmark in COBOL Application Development

Demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the future of COBOL application development and setting the benchmark that no other vendor can compete with, we are proud to announce this release of Visual COBOL offers brand new support for the open-source and multi-platform development toolset, Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code provides more options for COBOL development across Windows and Linux platforms, and containerized development enabling the configuration of a complete development toolchain setup in a matter of minutes. Support for Visual Studio Code is included in Visual COBOL 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 and means more customers can access the value of this new toolset without needing to undertake an extensive upgrade process. 

Skills: New Tools for Application Modernization 

The release of Visual COBOL 7.0 aligns with the announcement of a new book targeting COBOL and Java developers alike—Visual COBOL: New Application Modernization Tools for the Java Developer.  This second publication, authored by Application Architect, Paul Kelly, provides example based content and step-by-step tutorials focused on modern development practices and technologies for COBOL applications.  Undoubtedly, it will become as popular as its predecessor, this new book is a must-have for any modern software developer!  Get your copy here

Scale: COBOL, AWS and the Cloud 

Visual COBOL 7.0 continues its long-standing theme of offering the widest choice of platform deployment options for COBOL applications.  This latest releases delivers new support for Visual COBOL on AWS extending COBOL development and deployment capability for the Cloud. 

Security:  New CyberRes Fortify Coverage for Micro Focus COBOL

Coinciding with Visual COBOL 7.0 is a new release of CyberRes Fortify Static Code Analyzer that boasts coverage of over 27 programming languages and now includes Micro Focus COBOL. This release of Fortify assists developers in identifying well-known vulnerabilities in application source code, helping to make these applications more secure. Together with Visual COBOL 7.0, this demonstrates how Micro Focus is helping customers solve a range of digital transformation challenges facing the Enterprise. 

See the product release notices for additional information supporting Visual Studio & Eclipse IDEs as well as COBOL Server.

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