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The #COBOLrocks TechCasts are here.

There's a description below of the first six topics we'll cover in the series, but then we'd like your help! Send us your ideas for new webcast topics and demos you'd like to see by commenting on this blog below. We'll let you know all the topics that make the cut - the more the better!

For now, here's some more information about the TechCast series, including the topics we've already got planned.

What is it?

A new series of six on-demand technical webcasts specifically for developers. Every 30-minute TechCast is expert-led and packed with new tips and tricks that add value to everything you do with COBOL.

Who should sign up?

COBOL developers ready to improve application development through modernization. 

What are the topics?

  1. Introducing Visual COBOL
  2. Upgrading from Net Express to Visual COBOL for Visual Studio
  3. Upgrading from Server Express to Visual COBOL for Eclipse
  4. Modernizing the COBOL UI experience
  5. From COBOL to a relational database - ISAM to RDBMS
  6. Fundamentals of Visual COBOL & .NET

Registration now open


Does it rock?

It sure does. Your COBOL application can do way more than it currently does. Here is where the fun begins. #cobolrocks