Why is Digital Change Driving New AppMod Strategies?

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After months of planning and preparation, the long awaited Micro Focus Universe event has already been and gone.  For those new to Universe this year, it is the global (and yes, virtual) Micro Focus event, designed for those uniquely interested in all things Digital Transformation.  Whether your role supports a line of business within your organization or a specific IT function, Universe is your one-stop-shop for the latest news, market trends, technology and expert commentary – all organized to help you unlock the tremendous value with your core business systems.   This year’s event is packed with countless customer sessions and technology demos as well as opportunities to get your questions answered.  For those interested in Application Modernization, this is your chance to hear from renowned Research Experts – The Standish Group.  Within the session titled, Why Digital Change is Driving New Strategies for Application Modernization, Jim Johnson (Standish Group) and yours truly (Ed Airey, Micro Focus) explore this DX phenomenon in much greater detail.  In fact, here is just a small recap of what was discussed during my live session on Wednesday, March 24 with Jim….


Faster Change

The last year has created a new environment for both business and consumer.  Organizations must now think differently in how they operate in the marketplace, manage their employees and support their customers.  Recent world health events, amongst other local activities and market changes, have re-shaped the way businesses behave—perhaps forever. If  Digital Transformation (DX) was not an existing business imperative, well it is now.  What is perhaps more challenging for most organizations is not the change, per se; but rather the pace at which the change is now occurring.  An organization’s ability to succeed is now highly dependent on their ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions on the ground including competitive pressure, consumer sentiment or reaction, public health and safety regulations as well as the needs and wants of their employees.  All of these factors (and perhaps a few more) are re-shaping the way organizations must operate in this new digital economy. Is your business ready for that new pace of change? 


A New Model for Modernization

Understanding that this new form of change here is very important but it is only step one.  Successful organizations must build the right team structure, culture and organizational framework that support continuous change, evolution and modernization. For some, seeing the destination is simpler than traversing they journey. Meaningful Transformation through modernization often includes a multi-platform, cloud-centric and hybrid IT model supported through continuous application delivery. For some this form of modernization is DevOps, Cloud, API architectures or embracing new platforms such as Docker Containers and Kubernetes. For others, modernization means cultural changes, new working paradigms and moving from a Capex to an Opex spending model. The ‘What’ that represents modernization is often easier to identify than the ‘How’.  However, lasting success demands a strong command over how that transformation (or change) is to be achieved and realized.  A new approach to modernization and plan to support that business strategy is required--One that breaks down unneeded bureaucracy and streamlines IT delivery.  A new Endless Modernization model--without limits.  The well renowned research firm, The Standish Group call this approach “Infinite FLOW”.  In our session, Jim revealed many insights into how an organization can start up an Infinite FLOW team today and why this model differs from traditional project-based delivery.


Supporting Innovation

With the right plan and process in place, successful organizations turn to proven technology to make DX a reality.  That is exactly what you have seen this week at Micro Focus Universe.  A broad and comprehensive technology platform supporting any organization’s application modernization strategy.   Backed by the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model, the AMC technology offering enables IT teams to deliver faster and at lower risk.   Whether your business runs on COBOL applications deployed to distributed platforms or on the Mainframe, Micro Focus has a wide range of tailorable solutions designed to help support your DX journey. From DevOps to Docker Containers, to Cloud deployment and beyond, the Micro Focus AMC solution is designed for today’s business climate with Intuitive, integrated and highly flexible tools ready to support your business strategy.   We put together a large mix of technology demonstrations within the Application Modernization Demo Zone so don’t miss your opportunity to see the latest Micro Focus technology!


Watch the Replay

We realize there was a lot happening this week at the Micro Focus Universe event.  If you could not attend, our live session on Wednesday, March 24, now is the time to Watch the session replay - Why Digital Change is Driving New Strategies for Application Modernization.   Have questions for Jim or I?  Please send them directly to us via the Contact Us button within the Demo Zone.  Jim and I will be posting a follow up blog next week with answers to the top 5 questions from our session.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your DX journey!  Watch the Session Replay.