No response for ENQ request

If I leave ChangeMan connected for a long time without any activities it stops working.
Can I set a kind of "keep alive" to prevent this?
Developers hate it - if they need to attend a meeting they have the same problem. If they left with an open unsaved member there are big troubles.

  • Hi Peter,

    How long a delay are you talking about here? Longer than the TIMEOUT/SDNOTIFY parameter value specified in the ZMF Server started task? 

    We encourage users to set a reasonable timeout period as excessive user connections to the Server can result in memory problems and/or delays in releasing component locks and ENQs.

    As you may know, we do have automatic reconnection logic in the client software when this occurs. We have very recently diagnosed some problems in this area under DEF336119 (ZMF4ECL: Smart editor fails after timeout/automatic reconnection). It would probably be worth opening an incident with Support requesting the hotfix associated with DEF336119 to see if this helps.

    Also, as this is more a discussion than an idea at the moment, I am inclined to move this article from Ideas into Discussions. If you have any objections to this then please let me know.

    Thanks and best regards,