Including exits CMNEXnnn in ZMF4ECL


could you tell me if a solution is planned to use exits CMNEXnnn in ZMF4ECL?
We used tu use a lot of them in Changeman (for example at the editor opening etc...) and we're searching a way to use them from ZMF4ECL.


  • Hello Pascal,

    Most CMNEXnnn exits will have the same functionality in ZMF4ECL as they do in ISPF ZMF. The specific exit you mention regarding editors is one exception. The editors in the Eclipse Clients are defined within the clients themselves and associated with various library types. This setup is done within the clients.

    If you have specific questions regarding the CMNEXnnn exits, please open Support tickets and one of our Support Engineers will be happy to help.

    David Hadden
    ZMF / Client Pack Product Support / Technical Specialist
    Worldwide Customer Support
    Micro Focus | Serena Software.
  • Hi Pascal,

    Yes, I fully agree with David. If applicable, exits will be called from all user interfaces (e.g. ISPF, ZMF4ECL, ZDD, XML Services, etc.). However some exits, such as CMNEX036, CMNEX037, etc., are specifically designed to execute ISPF functions within the ISPF environment only. Hence these exits will only be called from the ISPF user interface.

    I hope this helps and, again, if you have any further questions please do raise them here or open a case with the Support team.

    Best regards,