Where can I download the changeman ZMF-plugin for eclipse?


I'm wondering where I can download the changeMan ZMF Client Pack...

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  • The ChangeMan ZMF-plugin for Eclipse is available for download on the Support Website, if you are licensed for it. If you are not yet licensed, you should contact your Sale Representative and request a trial or let them know you would like to have a Proof of Concept (POC) trial. They will work with you to get the process going.  

  • As stated earlier the ChangeMan ZMF-plugin for Eclipse is available for download on the Support Website.  However, you will not find it as a stand alone offering.  It is now part of the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack product.  The latest version is ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 4.  ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 4 contains both full products (ZMF for Eclipse and ZDD clients).  It will completely replace any desktop version of the software you have installed.  Details on downloading the Eclipse installer for 8.2 Patch 4 are provided on our support site for licensed customers.

  • 1.  Log into SupportLine at http://supportline.microfocus.com
    2.  From the SupportLine navigation bar just below the main navigation bar at the top of the page, click on “Downloads”.  Alternatively, you can just click on the blue button titled “Downloads” on the main body of the landing page.
    3.  Select option Search updates by “Product” and select your product from the Pulldown (ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack).
    4.  Click on the <Search> button. Wait for page to refresh scroll down and click on the empty box after reading the note about licensing.  If you don’t check the box, the next step will not work!
    5.  Click on the “ ” to expand the panel.
    6.  Click on “ ” for the “8    2.4” (product version and release) option.
    7.  Click on the “ ” For ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 4 - Client Pack Eclipse Installer
    8.  When the screen refreshes scroll down and review the Bulletins if any.
    9.  Select the “Full Installer” by clicking on the downward facing arrow.  You should get a pop up window for the installer name “zmfeclipse8204.zip” and click on the “<Save File>” button and Download to your desktop.