ChangeMan ZMF Plug-in for Zowe CLI V1.0.2 is now available

A new release of the ChangeMan ZMF plug-in for Zowe CLI is now available.

Included in this new release:

  •  Added support for a persistent session to be established. This is achieved by issuing:
    •  zowe zmf session zl command. This will return a 200 if successful and a token generated. 
    • followed by some number of intervening commands. Token usage is transparent.
    • finally terminate the session with a zowe zmf session zf command. 
A persistent session reduces the time taken to perform the logon, invoke command, logoff sequence that occurs for every command issued.
Creating a persistent session might be of value when you run a number of ZMF cli commands in sequence in a short running script e.g. within Python etc. 
 However, it is possible for such a session to time out which would invalidate the token. In which case a subsequent command would return a '401' error and a message of 'No Credentials". 
This would then require a new zowe zmf session zl command to be reissued to establish a new token. 

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