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I have seen for REST-API Feature, there are several fixes: p05_112, p05_113, p05_114 and I understand the best option is to apply the later date or the last available.

My question is:

How can I know if it is convenient or not to update the ZMF REST client if a new update appears?

Is there a document or site on the web where you can see the news that the latest fix published brings or what problems does it solve to make a decision about it?


  • Suggested Answer

    We would always recommend that you run with the latest version of REST services as we provide defect fixes and new functionality. 
    When an updated REST services is downloaded, we include a README that includes details of what is new/changed. 

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  • It is recommended to always use the RestClient that is bundled with Rest Services.  The Rest Client may be downloaded from the Rest Services Web Interface.   Hotfix builds may contain updates to the RestClient - this will be noted in readme included with the hotfix build

  • Hello David, John, 

    When I downloaded the REST services for the version p05_v112, p05_v113, p05_v114, I wasn't able to find the Readme file with details of waht was new/changed. The latest version of REST services available (p05_v117) already contains this Readme file. This was the reason because I opened this question.

    Thank you very much for the answer.