Git clone, pull/fetch and push to ZMF package ?

We are currently using a git protocol helper to allow us (in ZMF R&D) to synchronize off platform development, managed by git in a local repo, with the overarching control provided by ChangeMan ZMF.

The target ZMF package is presented as remote repo to local git by using a ‘url’ of  ZMF://<target ZMF profile>/<target ZMF package>


For example, we use:   ZMF://PRODZMF/CZMF125     to address package CZMF000125 in our production ZMF subsystem.


We can then use clone, pull/fetch and push  to synchronize change between the local repo and the ZMF package.  The ZMF package is the ‘gold code’.

We have put in place local regression checking as part of this support and the git merge process can be used when refreshing the latest code from the ZMF package into the local repo.

The protocol helper relies on the use of our zowe zmf cli plugin to communicate with the target ZMF. The zowe zmf cli takes care of managing the ip addressing and user authentication mechanisms (i.e. the <target ZMF profile> is a zowe zmf profile containing these details).


This git/ZMF connector mechanism works equally well with git on windows and on Linux.


The level of support is sufficient for what we need to do here at Micro Focus.

We are looking to expand the scope of this support, but only if there is genuine interest from people who may want to use it.

To move forward with it we need input from potential users of this support.


Is there any interest out there?