ChangeMan ZMF Plug-in for Zowe CLI V1.0.5 is now available

A new version of the ChangeMan ZMF Plug-in for Zowe CLI has now been released.

This version provides support for the future Internationalization of the product. 
Further changes in support of zowe V2 have been made. Zowe V2 is expected to be released GA at the end of February 2022. 
A number of ZMF commands in the cli plug-in have been simplified. Please refer to the  Download area  on the Micro Focus Marketplace for more information  
For a complete list of hte available ZMF Plugin commands and their associated parameters, run the zowe --hw command after installing the plugin for complete HTML web based help.

From here on,  the focus will be on providing support for zowe V2 which introduces a number of breaking changes. Most notably to the area of profile management which is a complete rewrite. However, these are beneficial changes and introduce a greater degree of security. Zowe V2 also provides performance enhancements.  

To find out more about zowe V2, please visit There are also articles and blog posts on that explains the zowe V2 profile management changes that are being introduced - Migrating Zowe CLI Plug-ins for v2 Conformance | by Timothy Johnson | Zowe | Jan, 2022 | Medium

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