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ChangeMan ZMF Documentation – Have Your Say

Here at Micro Focus we are continuously looking at the tools that we provide to our customers in order to support their use of our products. With this in mind we are currently reviewing the documentation that we provide to our ChangeMan ZMF customers.

For many years, the primary form of documentation has been the set of 20-something PDF files that are available for download from the website. More recently we have also provided several blogs and videos, posted on our Community site and/or YouTube channel, to assist with the introduction and adoption of new features in the product.

We are now trying to assess how we move forward from here and are looking for input from our customer base to help us in making these decisions. For example:

- Do you find the videos helpful and should we continue to produce these?
- Should we convert the PDF files that we currently produce to a more modern format (e.g. a format specifically designed to support online documentation access directly from a browser)?
- Do you think the existing PDF files should be retained for any reason?
- Do you have any other thoughts on the future of ChangeMan ZMF documentation that you would like to share with us for consideration?

If you are willing to share your views on any of this then please do post a comment here and they will considered as we move forward. Alternatively, if you do have thoughts or comments on this subject but would rather not share them on a public platform, please open an incident with our Support team and they will ensure that the information provided is passed on to the ChangeMan ZMF Product Team for consideration.

Steve Nevin

AMC Support | OpenText Global Technical Support

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