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ChangeMan ZMF 8.2.P02 on zOS 2.5

Is any one running ChangeMan ZMF v8r2p02 on zOS 2.5? We are working to upgrade to ZMF v8r2p06 but they want to upgrade the zOS before our scheduled upgrade. 

Any issue found running ZMF v8r2P02 on zOS 2.5? 


Changeman ZMF
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    ZMF 8..2 Patch 2 has been out of Support for quite some time and was not certified to work with z/OS 2.5.

    Not saying it will not work with z/OS 2.5 but we cannot provide assurances that it will work seamlessly.

    Sr R&D Manager, Mainframe Products

    Open Text

  • Hello Gary,

    This is an update to clarify the previous response.

    At time of writing, the entire ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 release is still in a supported status. This means that the Customer Support team will continue to accept and investigate any issues or questions that may arise on any patch level within it for customers with an active maintenance contract. For example, by suggesting workarounds or by providing existing maintenance for the relevant patch level, where already available.

    Any new fixes that may be required, however, will only be developed for the latest patch level. At the moment this is 8.2 Patch 6. Similarly, no operating system or system software compatibility-type work will be undertaken on earlier patch levels. It is therefore in most customers’ best interest to ensure that they stay as up-to-date on patch levels as reasonably possible.

    As I suspect you are aware, our ZMF-z/OS 2.5 compatibility information is documented on the following link:

    As you can see there, ZMF releases 8.2 Patch 5 (+the hotfix for OCTCR46A157001) and 8.2 Patch 6 are the ONLY releases that currently support z/OS 2.5. Other, earlier releases of ZMF are not supported on z/OS 2.5. Any issues that you may encounter when running in an unsupported configuration, as you are currently considering, must be reproduced in a supported configuration before they can be progressed.

    With all this in mind, we strongly recommend that you upgrade ZMF to 8.2 Patch 6 prior to upgrading z/OS.

    I hope this information helps and answers your question. If not, or if you have any more, then please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Best regards,


    Steve Nevin

    AMC Support | OpenText Global Technical Support

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