Is anyone else managing CICS Web Service components in ChangeMan ZMF?

I am wondering if there are others managing these component types and have any useful information to share.


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    Hi Dustin,

    I suspect that you may already know, but as mentioned in the ZMF 8.2 Readme New Features section, under the ‘ZMF Now Supports the Development of CICS Web Services’ heading, we do supply several sample skeletons/utilities that can be used as a basis to assist in the development of CICS Web Services. Additional information on this functionality can also be found in the ‘ZMF Support for CICS Web Services’ section of the Customization Guide, the 8.3 version of which can be found here.

    Obviously, any process you implement will need to be tailored for your specific environment, requirements, etc. As such, we in the OpenText Support team are unable to comment on what will best suit your particular environment, any best practices, etc. So, I would encourage any other customers that have implemented a CICS Web Services development solution to contribute to this discussion should they have any hints, tips or experiences that they would like to share.

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    Steve Nevin

    AMC Support | OpenText Global Technical Support

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  • We have been supporting web services via ChangeMan ZMF since 2013.   What type of information are you looking for?   We are using the Web Assistant DFHWS2LS to build the wsbind files.  We support both requestors and providers.

  • We customized the WSDL support two months ago.

    It works fine.

    A particular thing wich I didn't expect was the need to stage all the xsd files  as WSD....

    Name +           Type       Status        Changed                   Procname
    Inquiry.wsdl     WSD     ACTIVE 20230925 111106
    InquiryReq.xsd WSD    ACTIVE 20230925 111117
    Response.xsd WSD     ACTIVE 20230925 111128
    CLIENT5         W2L       ACTIVE 20230925 112612 CMNDFHWL

  • We have them as XSD library type.  We found that the xsd and the wsdl need to be in the same directory for the web assistant to work correctly.  This requires the developers to have the xsd in their package even if they are not changing it.    We then copy all those components into a unique temp directory to run web assistant. We delete the temp directory at the end of the build job.