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ChangeMan Audit Summary

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Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

.Our technical architect and Release Coordinator would like a "SUMMARY" report along with the main audit report. The "SUMMARY" report would identify the Audit Errors only. Currently we've been asked to build automation that reads the audit report, finds only the errors and send those errors to the appropriate development teams. This was difficult to do because the current Audit report has so much information.  Reading the report and parsing through it to get only the error information was difficult to do.  The Summary report would allow them to send that report to development personal who's packages have an error. They can go to the main report if they need more information. It would be nice to be able to run those audit reports and put them to files, especially for ERO. That way you can notify the developers the location of the audit reports.

  • i agree with summary. i think  a summary that showed all synch errors to be addressed in one place instead of having to search report would be a great change.

  • Following feedback from the submitter, we are adding the requirements mentioned on this Idea to the existing enhancement request (ENH165721).  ENH165721 will cater for the similar requirement in both base audit and ERO audit.


  • I always have issues with getting users to read and find the components to be resolved especially when a source/load issue.

    I think this is a great IDEA to see all errors to be corrected in one place and easy to understand format.

  • Thank you for submitting the idea.  We have a couple of questions to help us further understand your use case.

    1. Is your request in regards to package audit, or ERO audit?
    We have an existing enhancement (ENH165721) for package audit, which closely matches your description of generating a summary audit to contain only the detail for SYNCH errors.

    2. Do you have a prototype of the summary report you would like to generate?