Idea ID: 2739394

Include other libtypes with a like type of like linkdeck in the Link deck concatenation

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

ERO only recognizes the LCT libtype for link cards.  Allow ERO to recognize custom link deck types that are define with a like type of link deck (K).

  • ENH316351 was delivered in ZMF 8.2.
  • This idea has been opened as ENH316351. It is currently being reviewed by the product team.
  • We have some custom link type LCB and LCO. They are correctly defined in ERO as like type of K. However, in the CMN$$SSI skeleton, only the LCT libraries are added in the concatenation of the STG DD of the CMNSSIDN steps. LCB/LCO changes from a previous or currently release are not included in the link deck information used by the link edit step. Only the LCB/LCO staging version is included for a package. In ERO, if a library type is defined as like type of K, create the corresponding ISPF table that can be used by the skeleton. Example: SYSLCBTB
  • Hi Lisa, Thank you for this Idea. Can you add some additional detail to explain your specific use case and requirements? I would like to provide the community watching this channel with an understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and your specific requirements. Thanks, Jeff