Move EXIT 9 to a HLL exit: Status History

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  • Accepted

    This suggestion has been accepted, CR 255004 has been created to track progress, currently targeted at ZMF 8.3 patch 1.


    Replacing assembler exits with HLL exits is not an automatic decision. The assembler exits are very efficient, the HLL exits are much more accessible but very much more resource intensive. In this case, as the function which the exit affects is not something that is performed 1000s of times in rapid succession, and the transfer of data from exit back to ZMF is not straightforward (i.e. not something simple like a YES/NO decision) this change will work.

    To be clear, we will not replace exit 9 with an HLL exit, we will create a call to an equivalent HLL exit point in addition to the existing assembler exit call.

    Current users of the assembler exit 9 will continue to work as normal.

    The interaction between both assembler exit 9 and the new HLL exit (should both be made active simultaneously) will be considered during the research phase of this change. 

    For reference: exit 9 is used to add approvers to a package, during freeze and post-approval processes, based on the contents/attributes of the package.

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