Idea ID: 2877310

ADMIN functions in VSC ZMF extension and/or IDz ChangeMan plugin

Status: New Idea

I am using both VSC and IDz to do various tasks (create/edit JCL, create/edit REXX, etc.) that are easier in an IDE than just connecting to the green screens via a terminal emulator package. However, I cannot find context menus to perform ADMIN functions (stub submit jobs, check baseline or staging libraries, etc.). Is this something that you can look into? I realize it's probably a limited use case, but it would sure make my life easier...


  • Administration functions are restricted to the ISPF interface only.  
    The other clients - ZMF4ECL etc are targeted towards Developers use. 

    Also, just to clarify, the ChangeMan ZMF Explorer is a VSCode extension and VSCode is itself an editor and not an IDE.