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Checkout and reaktivating the last modification version in one workstep

Status: Delivered

By default, we will take the previous version after another checkout of a component. It would be helpful if this frequent process could be done in one workstep.

If a component during its modification was changed at the baseline, the new baseline version of the component must be taken over again in the package via checkout. Afterwards the developer will check the last modification version against the new baseline version.
Our standard process is, the previous version is reactivated in the package after the checkout.
Because we process a large amount of components in this way, it would be helpful for us to be able to do this in one work step (checkout and reaktivating the last modification version).
  • We do not yet have a defined release date for 8.3 however, we expect to release 8.3 GA during the latter half of 2022. 

  • That sounds great - thank you very much.

    Can you tell me when 8.3 will come or maybe a release schedule will be published somewhere? Nerd

  • This change will be delivered in ZMF 8.3

  • By the way, it is implemented as a 'checkout' sub-option because it is there to help you avoid a checkout (as mentioned in my post above).

    As part of the C3;5 facility, you can compare your current release area version with the immediately prior version to see if you have all recent updates included in your code. Once you are happy that is the case you can then ask the facility to re-set the meta-data so that the version regression error 'goes away'.   

  • After you have checked in a component, if you are in the release package list (i.e. panel CMNRMPLF) one of the line commands available to you from that panel is C3 - Checkout(Release).. One of the suboptions after choosing C3 is option 5


    That dialog allows you to do what you have requested for base ZMF, within ERO.

    The solution for base ZMF will look very much like this pre-existing ERO C3;5 option.

    By the way, the existing C3;5 option allows you to ask ERO to present a list of components from a set of masked selection criteria. I would not recommend doing that as there is a lot of processing going on under the covers. Also, it is not good practice to be overriding version regression flags in 'bulk'. Stick to one component at a time.

    In ZMF 8.3 I have changed this to only work with one component at a time (masks are no longer allowed) and made the base ZMF equivalent do the same.