Idea ID: 2877712

ERO Option "Release ID" Appears on CMNLIST8 When Not A Purchased Product

Status: New Idea

According to the Micro Focus (now OpenText) documentation (User Guide Page 300), when ERO is NOT purchased by an organization, Input fields for the ERO product should not appear on panels presented to our users of ChangeMan ZMF.  We found that not to be the case.  The Release ID field on the CMNLIST8 panel is delivered as an Input field, even though we don't purchase ERO, which makes it very confusing for our users. 

It would be best practice that if an Input query field is present on a panel, I would expect that the ‘possibility’ of that query value being true at some point, and not always false with no chance of being true.  For example, if I query for packages where the status=BAK packages, this is a legitimate query that will sometimes be true.  However, with the ERO product not being licensed here at our organization, the query will never be true.  It just leads to confusion. 

To make the ZMF product more user friendly and better aesthetics, we would like an enhancement that delivers panel CMNLIST8 with ERO related Input fields removed if we did not purchase the product, namely the Release ID Input field.  Maybe control this Input field's appearance on CMNLIST8 in Global Admin.

  • In line with other optional parts of ZMF (DB2, OFM, IMS), if the option is not licensed it cannot be accessed in either Global or Local Administration, but we leave those fields on other panels in the base product (such as Query or Stage). We will add a note to the relevant help panel that this is an ERO only option and should be left blank if that option is not licensed.