Idea ID: 2878738

Exclude a lib type from ERO processing

Status: New Idea

In this case, we would like to exclude the Lib type from ERO processing that we have set up for the package audit report.

That would be interesting for us because we often have completed the area editing and testing but still have to redraw the package audit report and then insert it again through areas that have already been approved.

What has already been done
We have activated the new lib type for saving the audit report in the package as component as named LSA.
We have already adjusted the following things:
CMN$$AUD.SKL: Suppress the HTML format in the audit report.
CMN$$SEX).SKL: Routine to generate the SYSEXEC DD concatenation REXX EXEC Libs
CMNEX031.SRC: Do not audit LSA for package audit.
CMNEX032.SRC: Defined as Compressed Listing for Baseline Browse LS*.
CMNEX035.SRC: No staging or checkout for LS*. LS* is displayed as a compressed listing.
CMNEX037.SRC: Execute user defined edit macro?
CMNEX201.SRC: Do not audit LSA for area audit.

CMN30PDS.SKL: Make NULLFILE possible for Baseline -1 DSs. These baseline -1 DSs are not needed for LSA.

We would like to remove LSA from ERO processing. If we don't define LSA in the release, there will be problems in the test area because the component is not found. You can prevent check-in within the CMNEX220.SRC, but then the test release/area will still cause problems.

Can you enable a lib type to be excluded from ERO processing?

PS: We cannot currently pursue the HLLX approach.