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Reduction of TSO messages

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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The prompt of many TSO messages hinders at work. A reduction would be useful.

When triggering operations in ChgMan (eg Promote Jobs, Stagejobs), a relatively large number of TSO messages (depending on the individual Todo steps of the process) are generated as confirmation / notification about the individual steps.
In our opinion, a message for the submit and a final message per triggered process would be more useful here.
If many of these processes are triggered and you want to continue working, then these numerous messages that you have to constantly click away, can be very disturbing.
You can completely suppress these messages for your own user, but this is not ideal, because then you would be 'blind'.
A 'healthy mix' with fewer messages would be good.
  • Hi Jakob,

    Can you (or any other supporters of this Idea) please expand on the exact messages you would like the option to suppress here?

    Obviously, ISPF UI users have the option to select the 'Suppress messages' or 'Suppress batch messages' option from the stage/build and promote/demote functions, respectively. If these options are enabled, what messages continue to be delivered to users that you would like to be able to suppress?

    Many thanks,