Idea ID: 2739670

"Sorting Field" and "Search"-function within ChangeMan ERO Promotion History

Status: Delivered

This is completed and will delivered in ZMF 8.2 patch 6.

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From ChangeMan(R) ZMF Primary Option Menu please select "Release", afterwards search in "Release List Selection Parameters" an appropriate Release. Within "Release List" please chose via "AR" (AR Area Functions). Thereafter you should be in "Release Area List". Please type "PH" for "PH Promotion History" and you will get a long list with items of "Count Package Date Time User Status History". The only possible Command are: "Invalid Command - The only valid input commands are CANCEL and LOCATE.". It would be helpful to get a "sort" command as well as a "search" command" (e.g. for field Package / User / Status. It would be really helpful to get this because otherwise you have to press "down" plenty of "down"s to find what you search if the default-search isn't what you need.