Updates from the coalface (or “Things we really need ZMF 8.1.1 customers to know!”)

 I am sure that most ZMF customers can appreciate that it has been a reasonably busy week or so here in Serena ‘ZMF land’. We therefore thought it fitting to recap events and provide a couple of updates that all customers who already have moved, or who intend to move, to ZMF 8.1.1 need to know.


ZMF 8.1.1 Essential Maintenance

Every ZMF customer reading this article should now be aware of the ‘Essential Maintenance’ alert that was issued in relation to DEF284711.  If not, please familiarise yourself with the following article (you will need to be logged into the Serena Support website to access this link):


We cannot overstate the importance of applying this maintenance to your 8.1.1 software prior to upgrade of your ‘live’ ZMF systems.  The reality of this problem is that you are highly likely to lose data if you move ahead with ZMF 8.1.1 without applying it.  So, rather than dealing with the fallout of the lost data and scrambling to see if it can be recovered post-problem, please take the few minutes required to download, extract and apply the single fix module to ensure this never happens.

Patch Release has been added to the Product Roadmap

We have now added patch release to the ZMF Product Roadmap.  The GA date is provisionally targeted for late May/early June 2016 and will also include a release of both Client Pack products.  

This patch release will obviously include the fix for DEF284711 plus fixes for a small number of other issues identified in 8.1.1 which have been deemed high priority.  The exact list of fixes to be included is in the process of being finalised and will be visible under the ‘Cases – Defects – ChangeMan ZMF/ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack/Sernet – – Resolved In’ section of the Support website within the next 2 weeks.

Once is GA, this will be considered the minimum maintenance level for customers running 8.1.1.  If you report a problem on 8.1.1, we will ask you to install the patch.  If the problem persists in, we will address the problem in a release following       

ZMF 8.1.1.* will be the last with a direct upgrade path from 6.1.*

OK, some ‘approved’ wording applies in the following.  Specific dates and terminology definitions can be found here on the Serena Support website (again you will need to be signed into the website to access it directly):


As can be seen there, ‘Development Support’ of all 6.1.* releases ended on 21st March 2013 (subsequently extended to 31st December 2013 for Severity 1 & 2 issues).  Despite this Serena have continued to document and test the upgrade path from ZMF 6.1.* to the latest 8.1.* releases.  However, will be the final release where documentation and testing of this upgrade path will occur.  ZMF 8.1.2 and later releases will NOT be documented and tested for upgrade from ZMF 6.1.*.

This does not necessarily mean that customers will not be able to upgrade from 6.1.* to 8.1.2 in a single step.  Experienced ZMF users and consultants will realise that it may be possible to make your 6.1.* systems ‘8.1.1.* ready’ and then complete the upgrade to 8.1.2 from there without ever bringing up an 8.1.1.* task.  However, no testing or documentation of such an upgrade will be provided by Serena.  If you are concerned about this then that will effectively put an upgrade to on to your ZMF critical path.

That just about sums up the information we wanted to share.  However, if you have any questions related to any of this then please open a case with Serena Support and we will be happy to discuss it further.



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