Support for z/OS 2.5 platform

3 months ago

As customers start to plan for their upgrade to z/OS 2.5, we wanted to share our support plans for ChangeMan ZMF, StarTool, Comparex and ChangeMan SSM of the new operating system. We plan to have support completed for z/OS 2.5 against ChangeMan ZMF 8.2.5, StarTool FDM 7.8.2, StarTool IOO 3.1.5, Comparex 8.8.1 and ChangeMan SSM 8.6, early Q1 2022, assuming there are no significant changes needed. Minor issues will be addressed via hotfixes. If there are any significant changes, we will deliver support for the z/OS 2.5 release as patch updates for ChangeMan ZMF 8.2.6, StarTool FDM 7.8.3, StarTool IOO 3.1.6, Comparex 8.8.2 and ChangeMan SSM 8.6.1, which are targeted to be released before end of Q1 2022.

We are also looking to get feedback from customers who are participating in the z/OS 2.5 early beta program. If any of our customers experience issues as a result of the early beta with z/OS 2.5, please contact our technical support team. You may also reach out to our technical support team if you need more details about our upcoming plans for supporting z/OS 2.5.


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