ChangeMan ZMF Support Tip: Refreshing modules in an active ZMF Server started task


Have you ever had the need to change a module in an active ZMF Server started task at a really inconvenient time? For example, to install a product hotfix or a new assembler exit whilst an important release or package is being installed? You do not want to restart the task to pick up the new module but you really need it implemented as soon as possible.
If so, take a look at the REFRESH modify command that is documented in the ZMF Installation Guide.
We should stress that the REFRESH command cannot be used for all modules that are active in the ZMF Server task, can fail (make sure you see a RC=0 in the task's SERPRINT response), and that we would always recommend restarting the Server task if that is possible. However, this command may just come in useful if you were to find yourself in such a position in the future.


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