Explorer for ChangeMan ZMF V2 - support for zowe 2 profiles


A new version of Explorer for ChangeMan ZMF will be released shortly. 

Before releasing this new version, it is important to be aware that the use of zowe 2 profiles is now required. 
For an introduction to zowe 2 profiles, please refer to this Tips & Info post -    zowe 2 Profiles and how to use them with the ChangeMan ZMF plugin for zowe CLI

zowe 2 profiles are stored in the use's homedir/.zowe folder with the name zowe.config.,json. Normally this fil would be supplied by an admin. However, the Explorer for ZMF user may no9t perhaps be a ChangeMan ZMF plugin for zowe cli user, so the option exist to have a profile folder present in the VSCode . Workspace.  To enable this, a new setting has been added to allow the user to specify whether to combine any Workspace profile with the 'Teams profile'  or to only use the Workspace folder's profile. Regardless of the setting, if no workspace folder contains a profile , then the Teams profile will be attempted. 

Also , in this new release, a number of icons relating to profile management have been removed as they are no longer relevant as ChangeMan ZMF susbsystems  are managed entirely in the profile file directly.  The profile file may be edited directly in VSCode before starting the Explorer for ChangeMan ZMF. 
If editing the profile file within VSCode  then the associated schema file is recommended to be also present as it will provide Intellisense editing capability.  Refer to the zowe documentation for further information.

As soon as the Explorer for ChangeMan ZMF V2 is available, a post will be made here in the Community.   


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