Support Tip: Change //SYSPRINT DDs that use ‘UNIT=&DEFNVUN’ to ‘&DEFNVKW=&DEFNVUN’ in several skeletons


In ZMF v8.1.2 there was a change made to many skeletons, where for the //SYSPRINT DD if they had coded ‘UNIT=&DEFNVUN’ it was changed to ‘&DEFNVKW=&DEFNVUN’. Where &DEFNVKW = Default non-VIO keyword name and &DEFNVUN = Default non-VIO unit name, as defined in Global Administration Parameters (A.G.1).

Skeletons CMNBAQJL, CMNBUNJL, CMNDFHJL, and CMNDFHWL did not exist until ZMF v8.2.0 and they were coded with 'UNIT=DEFNVUN'.

Skeleton CMN99 used '//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*' until ZMF 8.2 Patch 4, where it was changed to 'UNIT=&DEFNVUN'.

Any //SYSPRINT DD that uses the Admin variable &DEFNVUN should also use variable &DEFNVKW and not a hard coded ‘UNIT’ keyword.  

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