Support Tip: Compile failure after the precompile step of a DB2 program causes as RC=12


When the COBOL compile step for a DB2 program fails, CMNBAT90 has already run to create records to tie the DBRM relationship back to the source. When the COBOL compile step subsequently fails, the DBRM member does not get copied to the staging dataset, due to the bad condition code, as that step runs after the compile step. When the FAILACT step runs executing CMNBATCH, a RC=12 is issued due to the missing DBRM in the staging library and issues the following message:

Member not found: CMNSUP.INTL.DEMO.STGW.#004676.DBR(DB2TST1)            DEMO004676

This issue has existed since early ZMF 8.1.* releases.

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