ZMF Explorer V2.0.1 is now available


ZMF Explorer V2.0.1 is now available on VSCode Marketplace.

This version enhances the Package Component Build process and now provides the submitted batch job number allowing users to track the jobs status.

In addition, if you have z/OSMF configured in your environment and have a Z/OSMF profile defined on the LPAR in the zowe.config.user then you can include that profile name within each ZMF profile as shown in this example: 

"u820all": {
    "properties": {
    "basePath": "/zmfrest",
    "port": 9992, 
    "protocol": "https",
     "zosmfProfile": "zosmf"
     "type": "zmf"

If you are unsure as to the z/OSMF status in your environment , contact your Systems Programmer. If  you are using a Team's supplied zowe.config.user file supplied by your administrator and have them republish a new zowe.config.user file.  If you are already using Zowe cli or Zowe Explorer then most likely you will have z/OSMF configured. 

The presence of the zosmfProfile parameter in the ZMF profile, will cause an additional right click prompt to appear against a Package Component as shown below:

Due to other internal architecture changes, this version will require that any Filters and/or Hidden Sessions that may have been in place will need to be recreated. 

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