Support Tip: ChangeMan ZMF 8.3 – change in format of distributed libraries


The ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 3 & Patch 4 Readme files included the following type of information in the Installation section of the documents:

"Format of Distributed Libraries Planned for ChangeMan ZMF Version 9

Currently all distributed libraries are shipped in PDS format. This is still true in 8.2 Patch 4. However, in order to support modern language features and executable module formats, from Version 9 all distributed libraries will be shipped in PDSE format. We are including this information in this document to provide customers with the maximum time to plan for any changes they may need to make to cater for this forthcoming change."

After the changes to the forthcoming ChangeMan ZMF releases that are documented here we can confirm that this change to the format of the distributed libraries will now be included in the ChangeMan ZMF Version 8.3 release. Customers should plan accordingly for this change.


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