ZMF Explorer V2.0.2 is now available


ZMF Explorer V2.0.2 is now available on the VSCode Marketplace.

Following on from ZMF Explorer V2.0.1, this version adds further support for tracking batch jobs arising from Recompile from Baseline requests. 

See the details supplied in the ZMF 2.0.1 announcement regarding the need for z/OSMF to be configured on the LPAR where ChangeMan ZMF is running and a z/OSMF profile has been configured in the zowe.config.user file.   (3) ZMF Explorer V2.0.1 is now available - ChangeMan ZMF Tips & Information - ChangeMan ZMF (

In addition, this release also provides  the ability to create  a profile by right clicking on the "Packages" indent in the tree structure. 

- 2 types of Package are catered for:
        - Simple ALL site Package
        - Simple D / DP site Package

To make use of this feature, you can set default parameters in settings.json by clicking on the ZMF Extension in VSCode  and editing the json section

 - "zmfexplorer.zmf.package.defaults": [...]
 - You may modify the input{...} section to provide any default values. These may be overtyped when creating the package.
 - Do not change any of the JSON keywords
 - Do not change any of the fixed{...} section values  
When you create a package, predefined defaults will be presented  and help minimize the number of parameters that are required to be entered. You may however overwrite any values as necessary. Also in a D/DP site package creation,  parameters from one site's entry may be copied forward to the next site's entry again to help minimize the number of parameters required to be entered.


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