Support Tip: How do I know the version of ChangeMan ZMF software that I am running?


Several customers have recently asked how to find out the version of ChangeMan ZMF that they are running on the mainframe. Although a 'splash screen' containing this information is displayed on connection to the ZMF ISPF user interface, this can often disappear very quickly, too fast to actually read. Also many users do not access ZMF via ISPF.

The following is a list of other ways in which you can discover the version of ZMF you are running:

a) locate the active ZMF Server started task and find the CMNs308I message in the SERPRINT output (where s=subsystem ID). So, for example, subsystem W will issue the following message:

CMNW308I CMNSTART ZMF version: 8.2 Patch 6

b) browse the CMNVRM load module in the distributed product libraries and find the fingerprint information. It will look similar to the following:

CMNVRM (MVS-8.2 Patch 6:CMNVRM/73DB8712/CZMF000125)

c) if connecting via ChangeMan ZDD, right-click the ChangeMan ZMF server folder and select Properties. This will show a ZMF version under the General tab, e.g. 8.2.6.

d) if connecting via ChangeMan for Eclipse (ZMF4ECL), logon to the ZMF system. Once connected the ZMF Server folder will include the version number in the folder name – e.g. 'SERW – ZMF Version(8.2.06)'.

In this context '8.2 Patch 6' = '8.2.6' = '8.2.06' and the version will commonly be referred to as 'ZMF 8.2 Patch 6'.


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