Support Tip: Accessing sample ZDDOPTS members for use by ZMF Client Pack UIs


Since version 8.1.3, the definitive sample ZDDOPTS parameter members have been shipped with the associated user interfaces to which they relate, i.e. ChangeMan ZDD and ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse (ZMF4ECL). We finally stopped shipping these sample members with the ZMF Server and/or Sernet (i.e. mainframe) software in 8.2 Patch 1. So, how can the sample ZDDOPTS members now be accessed?

- For ZDD, the sample members can be found in the Samples\ZddOpts subdirectory of the ChangeMan ZDD client installation directory. For example, the C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\ChangeMan ZDD\Samples\ZddOpts folder.

- For ZMF4ECL, the sample ZDDOPTS members are shipped in the ChangeMan ZMF Eclipse Samples (ChangeMan ZMF4ECL Samples) plugin, which is supplied as a part of the ZMF4ECL Update Site. After installing this plugin, the sample members can be extracted to the local file system using the eclipse workbench File – Export option and selecting ChangeMan ZMF4ECL – ZDDOPTS Sample Files.


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