The Common User Access (CUA) guidelines



ChangeMan ZMF has updated the user interface in a big way. Version 7 was the release that changed the way the JCL was generated. We moved away from coding multiple copies of base skeletons and entered the world of reuse. Most older customers and I visited some who had been with ChangeMan from back in the late 80's had some real problems with the upgrade. First they had upgraded so many time and some of them did it themselves so it looked like Lucy and Ethel had been working on the code. (we will see who gets that reference) For many of them we were able to clean it up and eliminate a large number of Skeletons and stream line their processes. The CUA implementation is going to be interesting for a lot of customers because Serena changed every screen. -- They all look the same and yes they all work the same.  We got what we asked for and they have done a great job. Now if you have been with ChangeMan since 1989, chances are someone who is retired modified more screens than they should have. I told Mr. Bailey on more than one occasion, just ‘cause you can, does not mean you should -- well it’s going to be interesting for some of you -- my best advice.


Serena has done such a good job that you don't need most of your customizations.   You won't be able to use M R because of the binary code in the new panels -- So start from scratch and clean house.  The key fields that always got changed are now changed in the Global options screens with variables -- what a great concept. What you are going to find is that will handle 80 percent of the reasons you screens are custom. The other thing they did for us was allow us to add variable for all components, not just source components -- so I am telling just because you can is not any reason to do it -- but I will tell you Mr. Bailey that this will remove all your reasons for so many custom panels.  I have been telling people for five years to stop customizing panels because it makes it hard to move to eclipse and ZDD.  No matter how hard you resist – your devlopers are going to want to use eclipse.


I am excited about what Serena is up to in 2015 – I am usually the critical one – ask R&D – I think my picture is on their dart board in the break room.  They have done a great job with this release and need to be congradualted!  I am having a blast finding all the new things we can do – I am looking forward to sharing them with you and hopefully helping you and your company get on 8.1.  




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